With Dignity with everyone

As a community leader, do you notice a danger in your community? Do you see/think or be worried that someone is being abused in the community? We, the Roots and Wings Foundation, are committed to helping community foundations and other local organisations do what they do if they are injured in the local community. Because we can not watch it idle.

What do we mean by harm? Read our brochure here.

If you would like to share the problem with us, please visit our colleague, the Kovács editor, at the following contact:

E-mail: gysza@gy-sz.hu
Phone Number: 0670-398-4517

Below are some contact details to help you get special support:

UNICEF Legal Aid: The organisation's specialists are looking for legal issues if they have detected an abuse or a damage to the rights of the Child.

HELPApp: The mobile phone application developed by UNICEF's Hungarian committee, which provides immediate assistance to children in violent situations. The app can be downloaded here.

The TASZ's free legal aid service can help you in the following cases: if the state or a public body has infringed the right of a member of the community or one of its members and has no lawyer. By telephone legal aid services are available on 06-1-279-2235 on Tuesdays from 14.30 to 17 hrs, and from 10 to 12 hours on Thursday.

For more help with a violation, see the following summary database organizations.

For more information about our policies, see the following documents: