Miszori István

István Miszori

I am a physicist by education, but over the past 20 years I have worked at banks as an investment securities fund manager, pension fund director, and business unit manager. Led by curiosity, I have also digressed into other areas for periods of time: I managed the A38 concert boat, dealt with international renewable energy projects, and even worked for a mobile technology startup. Currently, I am heading up an alternative investment fund and deal with international alternative investments. I am always looking for new ways and solutions, and that is probably the reason why I was recently awarded the title “Most Creative Fund Manager of the Past 20 Years” by the members of my profession. I live in Érd with my wife and three daughters.

I have previously supported civil society organizations and community causes, but the Community Foundation Support Programme (together with the community foundations involved) is of particular importance to me because:

– I believe that a healthy and connected society can only be created where there are strong and independent communities

– in Hungary there few independent communities, and they are generally week or dependent on others for their economic foundations

– assuming it fulfils its goals, a national program building on the logic of “not giving a fish but teaching how to fish” can achieve the greatest impact in this regard.

I decided to get involved in the program because I am ready to devote my wide-ranging experience to following my values of supporting independent community activities.

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