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Annual reports:



Details of the foundation:

Official name: Roots and Wings Foundation
Founder: Turi Attila
Seat of the foundation: 1092 Budapest, Ráday utca 32. III/3.
Office and postal address: 1114 Budapest, Mészöly street 7.
Tax Nu
mber: 18626166-1-43
Registration number: 11984
Bank Account Num
ber: 16200106-11617026
Legal representative: Tamás Scsaurszki
Members of the board: Iván Bardócz, Gabriella Benedek, Axel Halling, Mátyás Komáromi, Edit Kovacs, Tamás Scsaurszki, Turi Attila

The Foundation’s main decision-making body is the board of Trustees. The board shall meet several times a year, the invitation, date and agenda of which shall be published.

Simplified accounts and public utility annexes:


The management of the Foundation is examined by the BPO group which we are responsible for:

2019 Auditor’s Report
2018 Auditor’s Report
2017 Auditor’s Report
2016 financial year due diligence report

Our complaint handling policy is available here.

The Roots and Wings Foundation considers the code of ethics of the self-regulatory body of fundraising organisations to be binding on itself.

The Roots and Wings Foundation is a foreign-funded organisation under the law on the transparency of organisations supported by the foreign-funded organizations. We are proud to be an ethical fundraising organization, supported from home and abroad.