Donor Circle

We have seen numerous examples of the knowledge, experience and energy of individuals being multiplied. We see the same potential in community fundraising: smaller individual contributions together become serious creative power, and they can initiate profound changes. We believe that by donating we do not only give money but also pay attention to and put energy into important social issues and become part of them.

In the co-EFFICIENT program we build a community of people who are happy to learn about different social issues and projects, and to bring them to life with their donations.

Once a year, the donor community can get to know and support 3-4 social projects during the Live Crowdfunding Night. The Live Crowdfunding Night is a 2-3 hour event where selected NGOs present the project they want to implement to 70-90 guests in 6 minutes each. Then, they get 6 minutes each to answer guests’ questions. Subsequently, the project representatives leave the room and people start making offers. Going through the particular projects one by one, guests can make their financial and other type of offers (voluntary work, service, material contribution, etc.) to support the implementation of the projects they find sympathetic. We follow together the amount of the offerings made, so that guests can see how much has come together and whether the amount matches the target amount needed for implementation. When the offers have been made, the project representatives come back to the room to see how much they have been offered for implementing their project.

Following the event, the foundation collects the guests’ offerings and then provides it in one amount, under a grant agreement, to implement the projects. The role of the Roots and Wings Foundation is also to monitor the implementation of the supported projects and to report about them to the guests turned donors.

The Live Crowdfunding Night is special because during the event our guests get the chance to:

  • meet the initiators of three valuable social projects in person,

  • offer their donations on site to implement the projects of their choice,

  • together follow and be excited about whether the required amount is reached,

  • experience what prospects open when people jointly support an issue they find important.

The organisations supported during the Live Crowdfunding Night

  • draw attention to exciting and important social issues

  • obtain adequate resources for their work,

  • acquire new skills to showcase their work

  • experience the support of the community, which can give them extra energy and enthusiasm to pursue their goals

  • broaden the perspective of the members of the donor community.

Find out more about the program! Contact program coordinator Mátyás Komáromi at!