Revitalising Small Towns

In rural Hungary, it is even more difficult to maintain democratic, economically prosperous and fair initiatives and attitudes based on active citizens. Therefore, in 2019 the Roots and Wings Foundation will launch a new programme under the name “Small Town”, which aims to strengthen the creative capacity of small town communities, and support their leaders to pay more attention to their future and development. The cornerstone of the programme is to:

  • increase the self-determination of local people and have them play a greater role in revitalizing their communities;

  • increase - at the national level - awareness of, and resources for, local development, and

  • strengthen people who are committed locally and assume community leadership roles through providing them with external contacts and professional methods.

Traditionally, small town communities (with a population between 10,000 and 50,000) are more exposed to negative social tendencies than large cities. At the same time,

  • they have a real potential in the shape of their local leaders who are truly committed to their community, since being tied locally is a strong feeling - it mobilises individuals and groups to do something for their community;

  • have functional institutions in place for local community organisations and the system of human relations, making it easier to mobilise local intellectual capacity;

  • there are local heroes who have traditionally played a role in improving the lives of people; they are real people who can be addressed regarding community affairs, as they are striving to fulfil their mission.

This is How We Work

1. We prepare interviews with leaders of revived communities.

In spite of an increasingly unfavourable climate for local development, there are old and new organisations that have successfully adapted to the changing circumstances and play a key role in their communities. We want to get to know and understand the secret components of successful local societies!

2. We develop a professional and financial support programme.

We are designing a programme that supports community leaders planning local change in a clear, yet flexible, framework that allows them to realize their plans as effectively as possible.

3. We seek out associates.

We will publish an announcement in order to find our local partners to manage change, as well as supporters of these processes in our wider environment.

4. We follow up, connect and evaluate.

During our programme we build relationships that are in interaction with each other. We strive to create as many mutual learning situations as possible, and reflect on the work done and its context, so that we act with a mutual understanding and complement each other’s activity.