Attila Turi

Trustee, Founder

Although I graduated as an engineer, I soon switched to the development of IT-related businesses and have spent the last 15 years doing so. As an entrepreneur, I often had a chance to experience what surprising results and changes can be achieved by a small company that has a good team of workers, ideas that are not suppressed, and a way of working that is both persistent and consistent.

As an ambassador for the Community Foundation Support Programme, I hope to put these experiences to use in the civil sector as well. While obviously there are differences, I am confident that with a good team, good ideas, and the inevitable hard work, changes can be started within communities that make the effort worthwhile.

Since I live with 3 little girls, as well as cats and dogs, I do not think it is necessary to describe my free time activities in any more detail. I would only note that, besides our life in Budapest, the village of Zebegény and Lake Balaton are important parts of our life too and, whenever we can, we also travel a lot in Europe.