Women’s Giving Circle

NADE! - Nők Adományoznak Együtt!

A short film about the first Hungarian Women’s Giving Circle initiated by our foundation, where 13 women decided to get to know each other, the situation of Hungarian women and to raise money for local women groups and organizations.

Local issues, national network

Helyi ügyek, országos hálózat

We have closed the year 2022 with 7 Community Foundations and 6 additional teams working on the ground. We spoke to representatives of the organisations at the end-of-year meeting of the Community Foundation Support Programme.

Introducing Small Towns programme!

Bemutatjuk a KisVÁROS programot!

Our Foundation’s Revitalising Small Towns programme supports community people living and working in small towns for 3 years. Why small towns? What is the aim of the programme? Who are the 7 beneficiaries and where do they work?

Zoli, grantee of Small Towns programme

Debreceni Zoltán • KisVÁROS program

Zoltán Debreceni lives and works near Cigánd. One person, two identities, slowly merging into one: a community builder, but a Greek Catholic priest. He is a civilian and a churchman. He is a grantee of our Revitalising Small Towns programme.

Fundraising Night Online 2020

Élő Adás Online 2020

How did 3 civic initiatives—Élettér Association, and Menetszél Association—acquire 420 donors and HUF 5.6 million in donations?

Fundraising Night

Fundraising Night 2018

We organized our foundation’s first Live Broadcast night in 2018. What is such an event about? How do donors like it? What help can such a programme offer regarding the social causes presented there?