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Our work intends to contribute to meaningful social change in Hungary: we want people and organisations supported by us to feel and experience their own power to change their world. We feel satisfied if they achieve their goals and they experience the work with us as a joint creative process.

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We are looking for donors who are interested to engage with us and support our work. We have the most experience with institutional donors, but we are keen to work with other donors who appreciate our ability to plan, implement and assess long-term development programmes. We are creative, committed and value-driven. We like to tell our donors how our work progresses even if it is not going well. We can accommodate to our donors, just like we are keen to accommodate to our grantees.


It is of particular importance to us to work/cooperate with individuals and corporate entities from Hungary. Our country has great tradition and fascinating past role models for modern-day philanthropists . We would like to increase their involvement in our work since we deeply believe that their support is worth a lot more than just their funds. In our experience it comes with care, new perspectives and relations – all of which are crucial ingredients of creating value for society. Collaboration would also allow us to learn about good institutional practices to manage our finances even more prudently or to ensure the well-being of our staff. In return, we are glad to welcome them as our peers and allow them an insight into our daily routine targeting long-term social progress. They get a chance to meet the community groups and individuals we support, and are enriched with experiences that make their busy everyday lives more diverse and value-creating.

Guilbrand Gregersen, a poor carpenter from Norway, came to Hungary  in the 1840s to work. Over time his skills and talent for business made him one of the greatest building entrepreneurs of Hungary of the second half of the 19th century. Even before he became wealthy, he contributed to the Hungarian Academy of Science (funded by Count Széchenyi István) in 1860. He continued to give generous gifts to noble causes in his new home country. Gregersen also became one of the founders of technical higher education in Norway which he also supported with large sums from his private wealth.

Guilbrand Gregersen

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