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The Roots and Wings Foundation’s work is successful when the people and organisations we support achieve their goals by experiencing their own creative power and by experiencing working with us as a creative process.

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We can work if we have support. Since its creation, GYSZA’s activities have been funded mainly by private foundations abroad. What we get from them is important to us: encouragement and confidence to experiment, a long-term perspective and the opportunity to create value in Hungary. In return, we offer strategic thinking, high quality theoretical and practical professional work, and a sincere and committed partnership. Over the last 2-3 years, we have been supported by local individuals and companies with money, pro bono services and volunteer work, and we have also participated in several community fundraisers.


In the coming years, we want to significantly increase support from Hungarian individuals and companies. Why? Because we believe that domestic resources give us and our supporters more: not just money, but care, ideas, knowledge and contacts. We consider our supporters, like those we support, as fellow creators. We take care to help them achieve their goals and experience the joy of giving and creating social value.


We like to work with donors with whom our values match and we can give each other more than money. For example, we would have been honoured to have Count István Széchenyi among our supporters. But even now we can learn a lot from him about how to support social causes so that they have a lasting positive effect: the greatest Hungarian always had the great goal (the rise of the nation) in mind, and chose causes to support (the foundation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the modernisation of industry and transport, etc.); together with others, he supported them with considerable sums of money in relation to his wealth. Beyond the money, he gave his name and a lot of his time to the causes he championed.

We really like working with Tamás Velki, who has supported our work for years. We met Thomas through one of our community fundraising events. We met, we talked. She revealed that she cares deeply about the country and wants to encourage people to dare to participate in shaping our world through her donations. For example, it supported the Understanding Hungary conference in 2018, and most recently donated generously to our online Live Crowdfunding Event. What we really like about Tamás’s giving culture is that every year he prepares a plan and asks for our opinion on the specific activities he wants to support. It is uplifting and inspiring to hear him talk about how the causes he supports relate to the way he wants his country to be.

Count István Széchenyi


We would very much welcome financial support from Hungarian companies. Through our pro bono supporters, we see that the knowledge, insight and strategic vision of a conscious company that is serious about creating social value can give us a lot. Cooperation would also allow us to learn about good institutional practices to manage our finances more carefully or to ensure the well-being of our staff. “In return”, we welcome them as our partners, giving them a glimpse into the day-to-day work of our long-term social progress work, introducing them to the community groups and individuals we support, and enriching their experiences with experiences that make their “working” days more varied and valuable.

If you would like to become a supporter and a creative partner, please contact Júlia Dés!