About Us

We believe that together we can create a better, more liveable and fairer society to which everyone can contribute.

Our joint work is based on accepting our differences.

We think in terms of processes: we look at our work with our partners as a joint creation, a common learning opportunity.

We also work with change and mistakes, which we see as opportunities for improvement.

The focus of our work is on human connections and collaborations.

Our programmes and offers can be customized and are flexible.

We rely on domestic and international contacts and experiences.

We provide a perspective, as well as transparent operation.


Our three support programmes embrace causes, groups and NGOs that make the local environment and society more liveable, encouraging people to participate and act responsibly.

We enjoy working with international organisations and foreign individuals, as we find it inspiring to share experiences and good examples. Anyone who lives abroad or in Hungary for a shorter or longer period can easily connect to our work.

If you are interested in our programmes and activities, and feel we can learn from each other or would like to cooperate with us, feel free to contact us!


The Roots and Wings Foundation is a member of the Self-Regulatory Board of Fundraising Organisations.

The documents created in connection with the operation of the Foundation are accessible, with the chairman of the board of trustees being responsible for the tasks related to providing insight. The interested party will contact the President, who will arrange for the documents to be viewed at an agreed time.


The Roots and Wings Foundation is committed to provide a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults and protect them from any harm, abuse or neglect.

What we mean by harm? Please read our overview.

Our Safeguarding policy describes how we protect these groups

Why do children and vulnerable adults need safeguarding?

The Foundation recognizes every person’s right to live in equal dignity as individuals, with special regard to children and vulnerable adults; therefore the protection of vulnerable social groups is a priority of the Foundation and it should be a key principle for its partners as well. To help ensure this right is respected, the Foundation strives to comply with the following ethical guidelines to create a safe environment for children and vulnerable adults.

The main principles of the Safeguarding based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) as international, common guidelines for every European Party.

If a trustee, employee or volunteer of the Foundation will learn about any case of harm or abuse, they are asked to report the case immediately to the responsible person at the board of trustees, Edit Kovács: gysza@gy-sz.hu