The Hungarian Live Crowdfunding Night is based on an international example that we acquired through the London-based organisation The Funding Network (TFN). Thanks to the TFN, fundraising events based on their concepts (live crowdfunding events) are now organised all over the world. As their Hungarian partner, our long-term goal is to promote the establishment and strengthening of new donor communities in Hungary.

At present, there are three organisations organising Live Crowdfunding Nights in Hungary. The Ferencváros Community Foundation was the first to organise such events, followed by the Térerő Community Foundation in Miskolc, and ourselves.

So far, a total of approximately 15 million forints have been donated by guests attending these events in support of 18 social causes. In this way, projects such as the following ones have been implemented:

THINK:NORDIC – Scandinavian House

At the Edge of the City

Protected Crossing – Open Gate Gallery       

Neighbourhood Academy – Pécs Community Foundation