Barbara Máté


“I saw the angel in the block of marble, and I carved it until I set it free.” (Michelangelo Buonarrotti)

As a public speaking trainer, this is my motto and how I got to know the Roots and Wings Foundation. As a volunteer of the Live Crowdfunding Event, I prepared NGO representatives for their impactful and informative presentations.

It is a job I am passionate about because I have been able to participate in supporting important causes with the best of my profession. I have been an organisational developer, trainer and coach since 1999 – mostly helping large corporate clients with their personal, leadership or organisational change.

Since my forties, I have become increasingly open to contributing to social value as a civilian volunteer. I am therefore particularly honoured to have been asked to be a curator of the Roots and Wings Foundation in 2022. This will allow me to contribute my knowledge and values to the effective functioning of this innovative team at a strategic level.

In my work and in my life, my keywords are UNFOLDING and VISIBILITY. I can live this to the full here at Roots and Wings.