Júlia Dés


I studied sociology at university and I arrived at the non-profit sector after some detours. I was the director of Haver Foundation, an organization specializing in informal education, for eight years. I remain a member of board at Haver even after changing workplaces. In working in the non-profit sector, I have found everything that satisfies me: to work in practice for positive social change with others who also believe in the importance of bringing about social change.

I do not think that there is a more important cause in Hungary than helping people see and believe that they can actively shape the society in which we live. That is the reason why I have faith in the mission of Roots and Wings. I hold that a more democratic and more competent to act Hungary can be created by providing tailor-made support and by strengthening co-operations with locally active individuals and organisations. As director, I find creating the opportunity for my co-workers to perform this vital activity by providing them with the best conditions imaginable to be the most important aspect of my job.