A guide to community foundations is Hungary

We could introduce ourselves in Europe. Joy, setbacks, and first of all: local heroes.

Here you can download the new ECFI-guide to Hungarian community foundations.

We have had a decade of experience of community foundations in Hungary. It is time to consider how far we have come. Most importantly, because of the efforts of the people presented in this publication (and many more local heroes), the concept of community foundation has become more widely known and is regarded as an engaging and effective mechanism to mobilize local resources for improving communities.

As shown by data and oral evidence, the Hungarian community foundations in existence today are: • credible, locally supported organizations;

• strengthening local trust and identity;

• providing visibility and credibility to local people and issues; and

• inspiring people to find joy in community work.

Hungarian community foundations have benefitted from being part of a fertile international ecosystem that blends professional support, trust and solidarity.

While we are young compared to community foundations elsewhere, we now have a decade of experiences, joys and disappointments that we are eager to share. We also still have hope. Our experience shows that persistence and growth are both possible even in a shrinking, hostile space for civil society.

We wold like to thank ECFI this beautiful publication.

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