Dóra Szegő


I spent my childhood between two cities, two realities: Budapest and Kaposvár, and I absorbed in my deepest layers that I live in different landscapes, perspectives, values and lifestyles, and that they are compatible. Being a wanderer has also become my life: I have lived in Germany, Indonesia, New Mexico. It is important for me to learn in worlds new and very different from my own and to look at my home from the outside. I studied to become a sociologist, then did a mediator training and worked for nearly ten years in projects with the Foresee Research Group, where people who have been perpetrators and victims came together in spaces that offer opportunities for empowerment and restoration. Then I worked to improve the situation of vulnerable people serving prison sentences in the Hungarian Helsinki Committee.
In today’s Hungary, I consider the activities of RWF as important missions, most importantly that it provides an opportunity for people to connect and experience giving to each other, in addition to being a resource.