Gabriella Benedek

Trustee, Co-worker

Social development professional. She became familiar with the concept of community foundations in 2009, and convinced that these new, independent, community-led local institutions which support local initiatives from local funding sources will play a stop-gap role in Hungary in the future. esides her involvement with community foundations, she has been active working with local and small communities, initiators, groups and NGOs in various capacities.

She is a project manager at the Foresee Research Group, a member of the Hungarian Association for Community Development, a trainer of the Civil College Foundation, a founding member of the Roots and Wings for Development and Change, the chair the Ferencváros Community Foundation, and the board member of the European Community Development Network (EuCDN) representing Hungary. Her professional approach is characterized by solidarity, community and participation as target values, as well as respect for change and the acceptance of its unpredictability.

What she looks for in life are cooperation with others and opportunities to create together, as well as achieving a balance between your dreams and actions. She lives in Budapest with her family.