The Ferencváros Community Foundation provides diverse support in the emergency situation

In the present crisis situation, the Ferencváros Community Foundation (FCF) provides, among other things, immediate assistance to those most in need, seeks out those who are not coveredby the social safety net, and flexiblystrengthens supported local NGOs. The following is a summary of an interview we have recently made with Era Barna, the director of the organisation.

The desire to act, the love and knowledge of the Ferencváros district of Budapest, as well astheir well-functioning contacts, immediately prompted the FCF to take action amidst the emergency situation caused by the coronavirus.

A few days after the emergency was declared, the organisation provided an immediate crisis support of HUF 1 million to the Horizon Social Foundation, which, in turn, supports the needy in the district.In this situation, they are the ones who can make the most use of this money: disinfectants, detergents, toiletries, vitamins, immune boosters and fruits are regularly delivered to senior residents and those in needin the district.

The FCF is in regular contact with the district municipality, where the crisis centre coordinates donations and volunteers, among other things. The foundation seeks to find out which social groups need help in the current emergency situation, in addition to those who are obviously the most deprived. The FCF’s Crisis Fund, which hopes to receive support from local companies in contact with the community foundation, is launching a fundraising campaign for them.

The FCF’s staff. Era Barna is the first on the left.

Barna Era said they were also trying to adapt the foundation’s running programs to the situation. They continue to operate the Radio9 community Internet radio- naturally with the coronavirus in focus – and have redesigned their program for the integration of foreigners living in the area in order to provide information to them.

The Ferencváros Community Foundation is asking all its partners with a running grant agreement about how they are experiencing a crisis situation and whether they perceive problems that they would rather spend their grant from the foundation on, instead of what was originally agreed on.

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What do Hungarian community foundations do in time of crisis?

On April 17, 2020, we held a panel discussion in the virtual space with the leaders of the community foundations of Pécs, Ferencváros, Székelyudvarhely (Odorheiu Secuiesc) and Marosszék (Scaunul Mureșului). By getting to know the two organisations in Hungary, and the two Hungarian group in Romania, we will be able to get a closer look at the concept and significance of community foundations. We will also talk about what specific actions they can perform to mobilize and support locals in these times.

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